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Huricane Matthew/ Haiti Relief

A month after Hurricane Matthew, 800,000 Haitains urgently need food. in an effort to continue just Heart Help’s mission to help those in need around the world. we will be a

Expanding Our Outreach

In 2010, we teamed up with one of our partners, Ifodige, to provide immediate relief funds and assistance to our Haitian friends abroad.

University Scholarships

You cannot overstate how important a good education is knowledge is the power it opens doors for us when we previously didn’t think possible and it helps create relationships we

HDPTC Nsukka

HDPTC Nsukka, Nigeria

At HDPTC, we shall by the Grace of God, strive to serve with excellence, respect, love, and compassion, by providing Quality Care and Training to those who come to us with all the resources available to us.

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