Just Heart Help

Before I received the Life Application Study Bible from the school authorities, I used to find it extremely difficult to fully understand the explanation of most of the texts from the people I sought help from.

One day, I met a group of men and women from the Copperbelt University who were all Jehovah’s witnesses. They stopped me and asked me if I could accept some copies of the Awake and Watchtower magazines. I accepted the offer. They then asked me to invite them to my home one day, so that we could share some scriptures together.

When they did come, they had Bibles of their own from their Kingdom Hall. I asked them to let me have a look at their Bible, but instead, they preferred to give me a small booklet called, “What does the Bible really Teach?”

When I insisted that they also give me a copy of their Bible, they decided to obtain my personal details promising to order a copy of the Bible from a place called BETHEL in Lusaka for me.

Since then, they have never come back to me.

As if by coincidence, I decided to join the Lighthouse Christian Church as a member, when a neighbor and an elder of the Church invited me. From that moment, I started liking the Church and slowly began to participate in its activities.

Later, I was welcomed by the Church authorities who even began visiting my home. I received the gesture with both hands up to the time I was able to enroll as a student of the School of Biblical Studies where I accessed the Life Application Study Bible, which hitherto has become my spiritual/roadmap.

This Bible is the basic frame of a reference where I and my family see the manifestation and fullness of our dear Lord Jesus Christ. We have become Christo-centric on account of this unique document.