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Lighthouse School of Biblical Studies

How Reading The Bible Has Helped.

It is a great privilege to participate in Christian education and play a significant role in the spiritual formation of fellow Christians in our Churches.

Reading the Bible has made me and my family to lead others towards greater knowledge and practice of following Jesus Christ. Especially James 3:1 reminds me and my family that we have such a great opportunity in front of us that we run the risk of greater judgment if we abandon or not handle our duties accordingly. This is a strong word to us that helps us understand the great influence that we have when we help our students learn about God’s Word.

Reading the Bible has helped me to know the goal when I am using it, to open the riches of the Bible to my students. It is more than merely the acquisition of spiritual data.

Certainly we want our families to grow in knowledge, but the knowledge we seek, is not merely the Bible facts, but to a larger sense of knowledge where information and doctrine conveyed is oriented towards a fruitful life of discipleship.