Just Heart Help

It is a great privilege to participate in Christian education and play a significant role in the spiritual formation of Fellow Christians in our churches. Reading the Bible is a resource that is designed to help me lead others toward greater knowledge and practice of following Jesus Christ.

To that end, reading would help me take advantage of the resources provided to me in this year. James 3 v 1 reminds me that I have such a great opportunity in front of me that I run the risk of greater judgment if I relent in my duties.

This is a strong Word to me that helps me understand the great influence that I have when I read the Bible and when I help our students learn about God’s Word.

What is the goal when we are using/reading the Bible?

1. It opens up the riches of the Bible
2. We acquire spiritual data
3. We grow in knowledge
4. We become faithful disciplers
5. The Bible has helped to understand the scriptures.