Just Heart Help


It is a great honor once again to have this opportunity of thanking you for what the Bible is doing to us. The Bible has helped me and my family in many ways like family Bible Study, research and accessing other spiritual requirements. This has made us to go to another level as a family. […]


Thank you very much sir for the Bible which has helped me and my family so much. Through reading the Bible, I have come to understand what God wants us to be as children of God. Therefore, thank you very much. Continue with same spirit of helping people to know God through reading the Bible.


The Bible has really helped me and my family in many ways. We now know how to pray and read the Bible and understand it. We now know our God and His works in our lives, to have faith in our God, our creator. We have come to know that with God everything is possible. […]


Before I received the Life Application Study Bible from the school authorities, I used to find it extremely difficult to fully understand the explanation of most of the texts from the people I sought help from. One day, I met a group of men and women from the Copperbelt University who were all Jehovah’s witnesses. […]


I want to appreciate you my sponsors for the Bible which is self-explanatory and easy to understand. This Bible has really helped me and my family to grow spiritually. I pray that our heavenly father will richly bless you.


Greetings to you my sponsors in the Name of Jesus. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you and everyone involved in the spreading of the Word of God, through distribution of this tool called the Bible. It has caused me to come to learn that this book is one of the most […]